The olive for us is a way, a way of life, that's why every drop of oil it includes a year full of love and care.



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About thecultivation


Olive cultivation is the eternal cycle of life for us, there is no beginning and no end, we just continue cultivating the earth The fertilization of the soil as well as the spraying of the tree s is done using biological methods, nature and people friendly but also respect to the olive tree ..

Τρεις γενιές εμπειρίας στην ελαιοκαλλιέργεια
100% βιολογικό εξαιρετικά παρθένο ελαιόλαδο

We create 100% organic extra virgin olive oil.

The continuous knowledge, innovation, and strict control in all the stages of production up to the standardization based on the standards of organic cultivation result in a high quality 100% organic Cretan Sitian olive oil both in taste and in nutritional value.

Modern agricultural equipement

Quality olive oil harvest

100% organic cultivation

  • To comprehend fully and in depth what we do so that we can manage the sustainable growth of our olive tree grove with almost zero environmental footprint.
  • To produce no more than what our grove can give us.
  • To love and take care of our trees just like we love and take care of ourselves so that our olive oil will come to each customer’s plate harmoniously delicious and healthy giving taste and value to each food.
  • Families whose primary goal in their everyday life is taking care of the diet of their loved ones.
  • People with cardiovascular problems, diabetes, cholesterol etc whose diet must be excellent.
  • Shops selling high quality products.
  • Restaurants that want their customer to leave fully satisfied with the best impressions.
  • Hotels which want to be distinguished by the service they provide.
  • Markets abroad for people who have not had the chance so far to taste their food with the beneficial properties and the flavoring of extra virgin olive oil of limited quantity.
  • Our olive oil is certified 100% biological.
  • The constant emphasis we give to the development of knowledge about the growth of the olive trees makes us evolve and innovate.
  • We pick the olives in an early stage of growth so that we can get healthy fruit from the trees.
  • The olives are transferred in plastic ventilated crates <25kg to avoid crushing and corrosion of the fruit.
  • Oiling of the fruit is done in a 5th generation oil mill under the best conditions and temperatures within 12 hours of picking.
  • Storing our olive oil is done in stainless steel airtight tanks to maintain its quality.

HistoryOur olive grove

On the northeastern part of Crete, where Sitia is located and specifically in the area of Plativolia at the top of a hill at an altitude of 112m. our olive grove is located which consists entirely of olive trees of the Koroneiki variety.



What you need to know
about polyphenols

Phenols are naturally present in olive oil to act as antioxidants and protect olive oil from rancidity, when it receives the destructive attack of atmospheric oxygen and solar radiation.
It is therefore noted that an olive oil with a high content of phenols has a high degree of protection and therefore resistance to time, while at the same time its consumption protects human cells from oxidative stress. Much of the fruity and bitter taste of olive oil is due to its phenolic fraction but also to aldehydes and terpenes.

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29, Kolivaki Str., Sitia
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Tel. 0030 28430 29085
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