The olive for us is a way, a way of life, that's why every drop of oil it includes a year full of love and care.



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P.C 72300 Sitia Crete


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A few words about me

Who I'am

For me, olive trees and olive oil mean a journey of reconciliation and cooperation between man and nature, a journey directly connected to the history of the place and the life of our ancestors. Born and raised mainly in Sitia, a place located on the edge of the northeastern part of Crete, but also having travelled to different parts of the world I ended up loving this place more than any other for many different reasons.

One of them is my constant contact and involvement with nature, which made me realize the impact that the cultivation of the land and specifically of the olive trees, on the psychosynthesis of man but also on his character, a selfless effort between man and nature full of love and devotion that year by year is being built thus laying a solid foundation for a better tomorrow, an effort that requires exertion, passion and the need for a quality life.

So , I got to this point without realizing it, how to present in a bottle if not my whole character a big chunk of it for sure.

Βαγγέλης Βασιλάκης