The olive for us is a way, a way of life, that's why every drop of oil it includes a year full of love and care.



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The oil mill

The process

In the oil mill, the olives are first placed in the olive hopper and then with a conveyor belt are led to the decolorizer, where the leaves and other carried materials are removed. Immediately followed by washing to remove foreign matter with continuous clean water, Then the fruit enters the crusher in which the olives are mashed into olive dough which ends up in a small blender for pre-massage and from there with a piston (PROTOREATTORE feeder) it is sent under pressure (6-7bar), which is the ideal atmospheric pressure for the decomposition of olive oil molecules through the new 5th generation PROTOREATTORE system of PIERALISI that prepares the olive dough to be delivered to the Decanter much faster compared to traditional kneaders. This significantly improves the natural taste and aromatic quality of our olive oil. In the PROTOREATTORE system, the control of the massage settings is done automatically therefore the union of the oil droplets which is one of the purposes of the massage is achieved very quickly.

Ελαιουργείο-The oil mill
Ελαιουργείο-The oil mill
The result in the produced olive oil that we get is clear and measurable.
a) higher polyphenol content,
b) better organoleptic properties,
c) greater durability.
The temperature of the olive dough is set at 25oC so that we can get the best legitimate results which is the required result of cold milling. The next step is to separate the oil from the othe r ingredients of the olive fruit For this process, there is a horizontal centrifugal system of 5th generation, DMF technology of PIERALISI which operates in two phases and separates the oil from the liquid olive dough without the use of water so that all the organoleptic elements remain in the olive oil. The last stage is the clarification of the olive oil with a vertical centrifugal separator of PIERALISI which without the use of water as the old procedure, cleans the olive oil from foreign substances while maintaining its quality at 100%.

The processin photos