The olive for us is a way, a way of life, that's why every drop of oil it includes a year full of love and care.



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The olive grove

The source of our olive oilOur olive grove

On the northeastern part of Crete, where Sitia is located and specifically in the area of Plativolia at the top of a hill at an altitude of 112m. our olive grove is located which consists entirely of olive trees of the Koroneiki variety.
Its northern part, just 3.5 km from the coast, is bathed by the Cretan Sea, whose proximity gives the olive oil special flavor characteristics. The fact that the whole olive grove is surrounded by various varieties of herbs also contributes to the challenge of these taste characteristics.

Ελαιώνας-The olive grove
Ελαιώνας-The olive grove

Soil texture& herbs varieties

From sage and thyme, mostly, but also other shrubs and trees. But what makes it special and enriches its taste is the soil itself, whose average composition is sandy-clayey (sand 62%, clay 21%, silt 17%) thus combining the desired properties of clay and sand.
This composition promotes the good growth and proper functioning of the root system so that all the nutrients and water that are channeled into it can be fully assimilated.