The olive for us is a way, a way of life, that's why every drop of oil it includes a year full of love and care.



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The tree


Koroneiki is the most important olive oil variety in Greece and is used exclusively for oil production. It is a very productive variety, resistant to the dry thermal conditions of our country, and produces vintage oil with excellent aroma and taste.

As a tree, it has moderate growth and usually reaches a height of 5-7 meters. Its leaves are deep green, lanceolate with a length of about 5.5 cm and a width of about 1 cm. It is a small fruit variety, its fruit has an average weight of 1, 3 gr. with one side slightly curved, and has a small, characteristic nipple. The ratio of flesh to the kernel is 6.6: 1 while the yield in oil can reach 27% (usually ranging from 20-25%).

The trees can give stable fruiting and high yields ranging from 30 to 100 kg. fruit per tree depending on the conditions.


It is resistant to dry thermal conditions, but in conditions of extreme drought, it is strongly parasitic. On the contrary, when it receives irrigation, the parenchyma is greatly reduced and gives a relatively stable production every year.

It is an early variety as its maturation starts in early October and at the same time, it presents small requirements in the winter cold, to achieve a satisfactory flowering.

These characteristics make it particularly suitable for the southern and warmer regions of the country (As in Crete). It is sensitive to dakos, relatively resistant to the cyclone but particularly susceptible to cancer.